Welcome Dominic Peters

„Promises to keep and miles to skate before we sleep“

In this warm welcome part Dominic Peters shows us what his raw skate skills are all about. But isn‘t filming a skate part more than just a skater and a film team? In this case a whole relationship was created – but it all started with a sponsoring.

Dominic was contacted by GOOF, a small German two-man brand that was founded by Jannik & Norman. Inspired by Janniks hobby, skating, and Normans passion for design, they developed some badass caps, all inspired by skate-wear.

But what would a skateboarding brand be without a great skate crew behind it? This led to their first contact to Dominic Peters. When Jannik and Norman first saw him on Instagram they were stoked of his skateboarding. Never did they know what this contact would lead to.

As GOOF not regular not only stands for the stance in board sports, it’s also the philosophy behind the word „goof“. Being able to be what you want to be. Even if you’re goofy, if you kind of do silly things. Just do them. Go for it. Stop being pessimistic, you don’t need to be “regular” to be liked (of course you can skate in regular as Dominic does, too.) It’s just something that also fits into Dominics lifestyle. And the first contact to Dominic turned into a „okay I’m in“, so they agreed to film a skate part to give him the warm welcome he deserved.

Some things which the GOOF crew and Dominic learned about a lot while doing this skate part were basically three essential things. Trust, doubt and friendship. Let’s start with the first one.

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