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Kickflip | Photo by Chris Lehne

„Promises to keep and miles to skate before we sleep“

In this warm welcome part Dominic Peters shows us what his raw skate skills are all about. But isn‘t filming a skate part more than just a skater and a film team? In this case a whole relationship was created – but it all started with a sponsoring.

Dominic was contacted by GOOF, a small German two-man brand that was founded by Jannik & Norman. Inspired by Janniks hobby, skating, and Normans passion for design, they developed some badass caps, all inspired by skate-wear.

But what would a skateboarding brand be without a great skate crew behind it? This led to their first contact to Dominic Peters. When Jannik and Norman first saw him on Instagram they were stoked of his skateboarding. Never did they know what this contact would lead to.

As GOOF not regular not only stands for the stance in board sports, it’s also the philosophy behind the word „goof“. Being able to be what you want to be. Even if you’re goofy, if you kind of do silly things. Just do them. Go for it. Stop being pessimistic, you don’t need to be “regular” to be liked (of course you can skate in regular as Dominic does, too.) It’s just something that also fits into Dominics lifestyle. And the first contact to Dominic turned into a „okay I’m in“, so they agreed to film a skate part to give him the warm welcome he deserved.

Some things which the GOOF crew and Dominic learned about a lot while doing this skate part were basically three essential things. Trust, doubt and friendship. Let’s start with the first one.

360 Flip | Photo by Robert Christ

TRUST. This is kind of essential for the beginning of this skate part. From both sides – because to be honest? They had to trust themselves a LOT. Jannik and Norman just started their journey, so it was up to them to film their very first skateboard part ever together with Dominic. It was their first time sponsoring, filming in motion, filming a skater – all that based on a business relationship. And not being able to see each other before the first filming weekend didn’t make it easier.

So – without ever seeing each other before the guys from GOOF headed over to Wuppertal, where Dominic was based that time. And Dominic invited the Goofies to sleep on his couch, which was kind of natural for him, so they could have a whole weekend to film the first clips for the video part. And this is something which makes the skate scene what it is, doesn’t it? Open-minded people. People that offer their couch to you. You and even your five+ friends if you need a place to sleep. Even if they don’t know you. It always starts with trust, not mistrust.

And nevertheless, both sides, Dominic, as well as the GOOF crew had enough trust in their hearts to give, that they just started. And the whole outcome, but also all the ‘’behind the scenes’ is what the part is also about. It’s not only heavy skating the big rails – it’s about the journey you go together, trust, doubt and that not every business relationship is about money.

DOUBT. There were some days where not everything went smooth. Not every trick just worked. Hours of trys and trys. Not only for Dominic, also for the camera team. Both fronts had almost no experience and the pressure was kind of high. Bad conditions. Weather in Hanover can be tricky. Besides being chased angry mothers, residents, policemen and security people, both sides had doubts. Are these filming skills enough? Are the perspectives good? It wasn’t always easy to keep up with Dominics speed. But also Dominic had his own fights and doubts the other days.

But let’s be honest. If you could do every trick first try, would it be the same? Would it be THAT great? I don’t think so – it’s like the night needs the day to be needed. And hey, you just love summer so much more when you had a rough winter, don’t you?

After some depressing days of skating, or not skating. There was this one day where it all went perfect. It went almost first try. And jeez, you can feel the pure excitement once Dominic makes the 50-50 ender in this video. Isn’t this what’s skating is also about? The time you finally do the trick, get home, being glad you just made it.

BS Boardslide | Photo by Norman Beilicke

FRIENDSHIP. The final word to describe in this essay. And the outcome of this skate video. A lot of the part was filmed in Hanover, so Dominic spent a huge amount of time there with the GOOF team – also on the couch of Jannik. That’s basically where the friendship really developed. Sharing coffee and getting to know each other’s habits. After skate days discussions about which perspectives do look best and then deciding who’s the one who’s really right? The GOOF team with a pretty creative mind or the experienced skater who already did a punch of parts? Guess what, the result remained a draw.

Besides endless discussions about if punkrock is trash or not, crashing walls and moving construction site signs, Jannik also brought up the theory that Dominics blood is made from coke. „How can anyone drink that much coke?”

Then finally getting Dominic to like Hanover and the team that much, that he decided to move there, too. Seems like the GOOF crew did their job pretty good. And the best is yet to come. And that sponsorship is not all about business and money. Just skating and having a reminder of this nice, trustful and open-minded world behind it.

Welcome to the GOOF Family Dominic!




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